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Gliding Discs For Core

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Core Sliders are perfect for fun and challenging full-body workouts. The Sliders introduce a balance and stability challenge to every movement, forcing you to engage your core muscles and making your abdominals stronger (and better-looking) than ever! 

  • **Please note this product requires balance and a baseline core strength for basic use. **
  • They are perfect for a healthy individual without injuries looking to level up their sit-up regimen into something more. 
  • They are small, light, and compact, making them easy to store when not in use. These Sliders are portable for people who are constantly on the go or athletes who like to work out when they travel! 
  • You’ll be able to bring your Sliders everywhere you go, and with the dual sides, you can slide on multiple surfaces! Nothing can stop you from getting your core workout in! The Foam side works best on hard, smooth surfaces like hardwood floors. The Plastic side works best on softer surfaces, like carpet or turf.
  • This package includes 2 Core Sliders in Pink(or Blue/Black). Each slider is 7 inches in diameter and is accompanied by a color-printed exercise manual describing 5 different exercises you can do with them.
  • Material: PVC Color Blue Size: 17.8cm/7.01Inch
  • 2 x Fitness Gliders Slider

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