About Us

Leigh Held is the founder of Shop Purple Umbrella. She worked for 15 years in the sports and healthcare industry, specifically with professional athletes, Wall Street CEOs, Broadway performers, Hollywood actors, and the active public. She oversaw business operations and development for a mid-sized Madison Avenue business in New York City.

She observed people who came to physical therapy hurt essentially in “crisis care.” The majority of patients got healthy while they were there. The facility she worked in housed a full gym in it. Some patients started working out again while they were there and had an improved mental state but wished to immerse themselves further in the wellness community, using their injuries as a gateway to healthier living. She noticed they suddenly had very long wish lists on their road to recovery. The lists were filled with items for their body but also with items that would enrich their lives. 

There was a gap even for the Madison Avenue clients as to where to find all these products in one place without scrolling endlessly or knowing exactly what they wanted. The mission of Purple Umbrella is to fill that void and to provide a curated experience for your body and soul. 

Leigh named this shopping experience Purple Umbrella after the lyric in the Led Zeppelin song Livin' Lovin' Maid.