About Us

Shop Purple Umbrella is a new curated destination for women's fitness. Our business has the heart of an athlete and wants to meet each customer where they are in their health journey and make sure they do the most important thing -- just stay moving. Similarly, our business has the rebellious soul of a rock 'n' roller and even the name of our business comes from the Led Zeppelin song Livin' Lovin' Maid. (Love some Jimmy Page.) We know that to succeed in meeting goals as a woman in today's ever-changing world, you have to be part athlete and part rebel at times, and we believe each of our customers is a bit of each in different ratios. We are so glad you found us. Please have a great time browsing products for your body and soul as we are hard at work searching every edge of the internet to bring you the best new finds. 


So, where did this idea come from? Native New Yorker Leigh Held founded this business after 15 years of working in the sports industry within a high-performance physical therapy setting on Madison Avenue in midtown that catered to the highest performers in New York City and, at times, the United States. She served as an operations manager and director of development for this facility, frequently serving scions of Wall Street, Hollywood celebrities, Broadway entertainers, and world-famous athletes. Many of these patients were already active and, more often, men. She always listened to the services the patients wished for (it was an endless list) but also thought, what if a version of these services could become accessible outside this very insular sphere and to women who need them?