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Layered North Star Bullet Necklace

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Elevate your style with our Recycled Bomb and Bullet Necklace—a captivating fusion of edgy sophistication and delicate charm. Crafted from recycled brass bombshells and bullet fragments, this two-layered gold-plated chain necklace boasts a bullet fragment and a North Star pendant, exuding a unique allure that intertwines history and modern elegance. Handcrafted with love in Cambodia by skilled artisans from underprivileged communities, each piece narrates a tale of resilience and transformation, with slight variations making it an individual work of art, symbolizing hope born from remnants of wartime.

Beyond its stunning aesthetics, this necklace represents more than just fashion—it signifies a conscious choice to support Fair Trade jobs for disadvantaged Cambodians. Your purchase directly contributes to providing fair wages for these artisans, empowering families in a community where poverty affects 30% of the population. By embracing this jewelry, you become a part of preserving traditional Cambodian skills and uplifting women, offering them the means to nurture their families and create a brighter future. Each design draws from Cambodia's rich heritage, embodying a story of renewal and empowerment, making it not just a beautiful accessory, but a testament to strength and change.


  • Material: Recycled brass bombshell & Bullet fragments + Gold plated chain
  • Measurements: L 15.5"
  • Handmade with love in Cambodia

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