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Ombre Compression Socks

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These Ombre Compression Socks provide a 20-30 mmHG compression ratio, ideal for boosting circulation in the lower legs. Perfect for runners and marathoners, these breathable socks are a great gift for athletes of all kinds. They provide a comfortable fit for improved athletic performance and relief from leg fatigue.

  • Ideal for sports
  • Great for runners 
  • Marathon accessory
  • Helps to reduce Plantar Fasciitis Pain
  • Excellent gift for people who stand all day.
  • They can be helpful to pregnant women.
  • Compression levels are indicated with a range of numbers like “20-30 mmHg”, which means that the amount of compression will not fall below 20 mmHg and not exceed 30 mmHg. The unit of measurement is called “millimeters of mercury,” which is a measurement of pressure, also used in blood pressure.

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